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Dear Folks,

In a tradition as old as human beings, I hereby let you enjoy, use, rip off these lyrics as you see fit.  Just remember where they came from, or just use them to seed a new song of yours, or what have you.   Don’t forget to send me a recording of what happened, thank you!


Another way to experience these lyrics is to copy and paste the following lyrics into a program on your computer such as TextEdit and let the computer read them to you in a robot voice of your choice and perhaps to this backing instrumental tracklist.   Or some kind of New Age music.  You will likely have to adjust the volume controls to mix properly.

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~Karl Blau





updated January 2019



Burn it out
Cut it down
I’ll eat your make up

Take a load
Lose the toll
Then lick the beater

Hold the mirror while I peer – appear to be here
Fail to move – rusted through – used to be a tool
What means to me – to defy – defines me
Cream and bees
Pretty please
Everyone sees

Robin’s blue
She fell through
Nest came crashing down
What was done wouldn’t do
In time to leave this town

Before me – many bee – many be obsene
Before me – many bee – many come screaming
Cream and bees
Pretty please
Lesson one – sieze
Cream and bees
Pretty please
Lesson one – sieze

But are you gone?  Here you are – I see you off
Sense the song in the wrong – what comes along?

Drowning bees in the milk
While the cows all sippin’ honey

Drowning bees in the milk
While the cows all sippin’ honey








I’m just a dreamer – alone
But together we can start to scheme -or- commune…

First thing we need to do is paint that house on the hill –

Change the name to the Hall of Justice
Cause man, that’s all that need be in the plan
The Senses of justice
A voice of the people heard
Not a tree nor a weed hurt – in the process

Is it so bold to share a slice
Do we really need more out of life?
Shake off the struggle and the strife
Line of questions as long as you’re in line




Branch Out

Dancing in place is a way to listen to a tree
In belief as we sway in our own way
Each of us the same from up so high
Under the same sky

The boughs swing and conduct the way of the wind
To flow through with the hands and follow with the mind

Check -up on the buttercup
Her head is bobbing 1-2-3
Flutterby take the moving sky
With you as you pass
Not a cat walks that can hold a candle
Or light a cig

Branch out, but stick to the main trunk
When you make a stand
Stand tall but remember your friends!
So when you fall
So when the Fall
They will know whens




Cobras by the dozen
Looking through a window

Not afraid to get under your skin
But confined to look out from within
Look out from within
Look out…  but here comes that feelin’

Call it by the name
Or make a sound that feels that way
It’s the wall that’s coming down
It’s getting closer – that sound…

Pen and paper, oar and boat
Oil and water, castle moat

Open mind!  Open mind!  Open mind!

Open says me, opening time
Close off all doubt, down to this option –

Open mind!  Open mind! Open mind!





I remember a time when I was high
Then you walked through the gate
And you gave it a slam
Which brought me to my knees
At the threshold
You sat me down

Under the stars
I was high – ding!


I’ve turned myself down
When I offered my hand
Tried to pick my body up
But my hand had no command

I had turned my cell down
Until I couldn’t hear the ringing anymore
Until the cells of my body
Stopped feeling the pull

You saw me in a state
And you gave me the hug
My skin was raw, my flesh bare
I hung there
Silently in midair

Under your stares
I was hiding

Under your stairs
I was high – ding!

Under your stars
I was high…




Heavy and thick
But a rush and lava flowing quick
And gushing awake into a volcanoe’s
Famous last words

A term for turning everything
Upside down
The table cleans itself
Where you ate hours ago
Now you throw up your arms
Acid-reflex hand gun
It would be
But it’s just a guitar
And all you have is this song of rage


Cracked lips – mouth to mouth
Recess it ain’t!
Carry the golden light
Like it’s a heavy weight

Something’s not right when you find me left
Alone in the dark
Alone in my arc – of what I wouldn’t do

For one more spark with you
Can it be made true?
Can we make use of some light in this hue?
Well it’s well before morning and I’ve already paid my dues

I meant to follow your call
But when it never came
I knew I had to come and find you
Alone in the dark
Are you wondering why?





We are living out a fantasy, but is it mine and not yours?
Hello, my dearest – hi from afar
How I miss you and fear this standard – once sub par
For some it’s enough to know someone loves them

But I can see it plainly
Unless we’re in the same vein
In the same place
Until we can call one another’s name
And feel the breath in the sound
Until we are around

Until we are around one another
Until I can tuck you in, pull up your covers
Until I can catch you – jumping out of a tree
I’ll have to wait to be with you – to be totally free

I made a wish upon a star
And then I opened my (supr)eyes
Again and then again I found the pieces of my dream
Now – let this time apart keep aglow the shiny sheen

I see into the chambers of my heart
And I will show you that whole scene
A dream is just a dream unless we conjure it to being
Unless we conjure it to being we dream a dream
That’s just a dream
That’s just a dream





When I catch the reigns and take control of this thing
The first thing I’ll do is take this horse back to the barn
When I’m feelin’ brave enough to get back on the horse
And take another spin
Let the bronco within
Loose – in spirit

I grew up with the ways of a farm
Am I man enough to know when my charms
Have not begun to get me
Far enough out of the valley

Close enough to my destiny
Is diverting the flow just recipe
For disaster fast becoming
Flood lands with the herons flying over




Lark and hawk appear
Lark and bark with a deer – applaud
One day – something in your eye
Starting as a sigh
You’ll have to try…

Rock and talking animals
A walk man
Cozy in the wood
But I’m new and in every sense absurd

Stoner – rub the bone
And make a wish now
Worry and moan
Into another song




The cow says “Moon”
The horse says “Name”
The snake says “hissss-story” repeats itself

Through the ages
displaying its repetition of cages
The calls we cry
To ourselves in the night
By the light of the Sun
We surely will find

Blind – but if we should take
The darkness inside
Take the night to heart
May we know where to place
Our steps at the base
And create a space that is safe


Never cry wolf cause when the pendulum swings
Your mantra will lead you how it swings back again
Just before you hear a spring
A blanket is the sound of rain

I’m dancing in my teeth
I’m dancing in my teeth

I’m a sheep in wolf’s clothing

I stopped my work to grab a pen
And with a jerk
I could feel the whether flowing in

Sheep in wolf’s clothing
I’m a sheep



Lion’s Share

Power to care
And if you take it anywhere
Bring a spare
And leave the Lion’s share

Base camp
Is at the roots
The core of fruits
is but a seed

Cast into the darkness
Only there it grows
With a warmth
That only base camp knows

With all this fruit at your feet
How could you even dream
Of pulling the roots up, up and away

Stars, too are seeds
Feathered overhead
The dark forms along
The Milky white bed

What do you know about having it all?
Travel abroad – safari for the Lion’s share

And the Lion’s share looks down
And snarls you up in its nettled dreams

Open wide
I can see you’re tongue tied
What’s knot to like

The breath is in
The thought is caught
I wouldn’t mind

But open wide
Nothing but time
Passing before our eyes

Only in the moment
May we make love
Once it is realized
It showers down
And surrounds

In the air we breathe
We don’t have to talk
To drink this up
Don’t say a thing
Let me refill your cup

With nothing to say
Let’s play, bay-bay play

One day
One day love
That’s all
That’s all

One day
One day
We may
We may

One day love
That’s all love
We may have
We may have

This one, love
Right here, love
Before our eyes
Before our eyes

Before our eyes
Could see the light
It shone, my love
The way, my love

The way for us
That’s all, my love

Love, my dear
Drives us nearer
And nearer
To the now

Rich are we
In the moment

When we care
To face my love
To face my fair
Face to face

This day
This day

of bees
Down the line, pretty please

of trees
Across the board, oh Lowered

of rain
O’er the plain

Come again another day

The smoke has cleared
the scene, still, as we feared
Loved ones are down
As in the sky on this little town

Can we force control?
As we bury ourselves in a hole
That feels as big as
The world must be round

Light a candle, set ablaze
Cascading of tears
Exercise the desire
To take away these promised years
At the hands of estranged friends

What we hold will
All depend
Another game of roulette
Another place your bet
The gamblers, unbeknownst
Are the lovers of fellow man

Can I control my desires
To wish away the liars?
I know it takes all kinds
But the kinds that take inspires

Within my mind
A dream to find
A place where there’s no violence
A place where hate is silenced

But better yet
The nerve to make life wonderful
For you – I want to fight until its true
For me – I want to look until I see
The piece of mind that ties the love inside

Golden lasso
Give me truth
Squeeze me tenderly
Show me proof

Tell me what I need to say
To wish those fucking guns away
I believe that light
needs darkness to shine

And it’s only in the dirt
That the roots may grow in time
Reach out, seed
Reach out and sow

Stitch my heart
Back in place
So that what must be in heaven
Is so below

You don’t have to go to the center of The Sun
When looking for a smoking gun
Under any rock – find a clam that is cocked
Waiting for the sky to fall

We’re not losing control – we never had a hold
(though) Forever has yet to unfold
Can we gain the ground – can we take it to town
The seeds of the love we’ve found

Have to make it from scratch – get the eggs to hatch
Crack open the case that’s safe
Contain the saving grace – it’s too late for the face
But to face the well-known facts

We can fill with love – we can catch the dove
Or we can bite the hand in glove

We have choices to make
We have give and take
And that’s where the love enters in
It’s not hard to tell
When we serve it well
And the feasting may begin

Pleasure joins with pain
It’s an old refrain
Akin to the Fallin’ Rain
As we link the light
With the dead of night
We go round and round again

Love is the stillness
Love is in the way
Love will make you shiver
Love will make you play

Love will make you grow inside
Grow into a child
See the world again for the first time
Love will keep you wild

if you pull the trigger
If you say that’s true for you
And find yourself behind and alone
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you
Love will wait for you







I’ll choose to learn to love the moonless night
I’ll pitch a tent above the water line
I’ve scouted the place for sprinkler heads
And brushed aside rocks beneath where will my head…   lay

A widening gap
At first glance
A rift, a void, a vacuum – a lack
Yet, ear to the ground
One may hear the sounds

I’m a lot like you
Said the leaf to the branch
… dwelling in the past

But if torn from you
It would take a blustery thought
… for time to let us touch again

And never in this way
That you’re holding me now
Once I strip away
… or do you let me go?
… are we holding this pattern too closely
– oh no!, oh, oh, ho! – here we go!




Lookin’ at the mesh
We got ourselves onto
Learnin’ quickly under the gun

If you’re upset
Turn yourself around
No one is waiting
To do things for you

The Way – we like it
And when we liken The Way
Nothing tends to brighten our day

The state is mind over material
If it comes to you – it may be sadder
Go! To the source!
If it’s too busy
Well then source it out

(I headed South!)

I headed down like a southbound boomerang
Comin’ from my mouth
A pout won’t fly
And not a sigh
It’s gotta ring – like a rainbow horse shoe in the sky

I flipped a-leaner
And felt my jeans loosen up over time

I’ll take the 2 points
To a shoe in the bush
Your partner’s still off the green
And huntin’ for a mate













When I catch the reigns
When I catch the reigns
And when I catch the rains – it pours

Pours down on me – down on you
Let’s bring everything down a notch
See what we may see and do

I felt poor
When I couldn’t even see the door
Let alone wait for the Son

Now my back is to the house
And I’m giving her all she’s got
What is the use of feeling no pain?
It must be all in my brain – oh!

When I catch the rains
When I catch the rains
When I catch the reigns – it pours

I’ve got every cup, bowl and saucer, and shoe
Out on the lawn
If but only for the mornin’ dew

When “When it rains, it pours” comes again
– I’ll be red-eyed and ready
When I catch the rains – it pours down on me








Go Fish, young lady

You’re not gonna find a bite here
You want to taste what I’ve got
You’re gonna have to take some
Trips around the sun

Maybe some
One will
Honor your wish
For fish







I’m mixing the salt-y with the sign
I’m matching a color with your sight
You’re mixing a color with the light
and soon it may pretend to be alright

Connecting us all is the Divine

In this light it appears that we rhyme
I won’t ask that you see what I find
I don’t feel the need to contrive

This harmony I see in we – the people
Is not bound in country nor to steeple

Reflecting the Sun appears my face
Directly connecting in this place
Yet – we know no indirect way
Every direction leads the same

Harmonically, we each pick a path to state
“This branch is our custom leap of fate”
Aren’t you expecting

A drink still tonight?

don’t you think
That’s over for a spell?
It will work itself out
When your little snail bursts from its shell

Took a chance on a night
That changed your light
You’ve never seen
Such a blinding brightness

And now you feel
It’s taken o’er
I won’t be

Changing your mind
This late in the lobby

Of a Brussels hotel
You ask for help with cab fare
Former friends have moved on

Didn’t tell you when
And I couldn’t help myself either
Let it slip that it wasn’t just you
Getting drunk that night

It’s not that I cared
You just paved the way
For me to temporarily
Turn mad and lose myself
Down your miserable way









Midnight bird – you caught me cryin’ out on yer turn
I know now why you do it
I feel the weight of the silence pressin’ down on me

I got to turn around
And look into the eyes
The eyes, I fear, can really see me
Can you see me? Or is this but a dream?

Are those your eyes there? Is this also your dream?
Is this message really beaming from another time?
I think you know what rhymes with time.

Just a freezer door –
I’ve opened your ears to place some food for later
Just don’t forget it’s in there
Just don’t forget it’s there














The world – divided – turns itself in two

A puzzle for me and for you
Peace – it back together –
With our wonder and our time

For now may it make sense
Ah, but then again,
That comes and leaves as it sees fit

The piper brings us it’s song of the day
We busy ourselves dancing and hard at play
The night falls cold soon enough

And just as the piper told us he would
Collect the fee we promised to pay
But we’ve nothing but the clothes on our back
So, it’s off with our children he dances away











I’m wearing my father’s suit
When I come to see you
Put it on special to start with a shine

Cactus flower

Have you been in the dark?
How do we stay in the darkness this way?
I believe what you do
Is make me feel      real       fine

We know where one another fear
I see you from afar as clearly as near
Bright flower, just knowing isn’t good enough

Cactus girl, let me get close enough and stay
Why you stay in the darkness this way
Is how come your colors are so bright







Well it won’t be long now (won’t be long!)
‘Til I hear your horn
Time to calm the song down (calm the song!)
Take respite from the storm












Nothing on Anyone
Nothing to be done
Nothing to be won
At the feet of the Sun

Born on the day
Nothing was in the way
Nothing can be repeated
Nothing ad infinitum

Never been aware
Nothing for me to care for
Nothing inside my core
Keeps me moving for    ward

Marching ever sky-ward
Starting to understand
No where to land
On this wild Earth

Nothing to Anyone
Nothing to Anyone
Nothing to Anyone








Love is a steady stream, a babbling brook
Of a winter scene
Molecules have some place to be
Many gather to pour forth
In motion, never freeze











Hold it right there

Stay back



Some one



Come closer











Just because you think it
Doesn’t mean I think it of you
Tonight I’m taking your place
In this light

The looking glass
Pictures your face
Parallel lines once
Now lines are crossed
And lined with velvet









Life imitates life as it loves to do
There’s a little chain of volcanoes inside me and you










Bare bones
In your brain

Your heart was pounded thin
Just the one impulse remains
Is the only way out
To cross the threshold

Never to return
Do you have to cover your tracks?
Or is it possible some new way
Blaze a trail to learn

For such a young man
The weight of the world pressing down
The pride of your passion

It’s a wonder
You haven’t yet drowned
But the wonder has
Done wandered off

Nothing but respect at the base of the trough
If only you knew

If only someone had said
The burden of business lived only in the head
It was not alive in truth
But everyday, in the same way
You give the demons the power
To be hostile

You gave it a name and a face
And a place in your heart
Like the gospel









Nothing is more frustrating
Than feeling like you don’t have a voice
It makes you feel like
You have to speak louder
Or even take to yelling

Inevitably, those you want
To pay you mind
Just use their minds
To shut you off

I don’t want to be left behind
But it’s hard to take

This building cries itself to sleep in the evening
This town carries a morning tear
On its cheek well after noon

I’ve been thinking about moving
Just so I may return again some day
Lord knows it’s a great town
To be way down

I don’t actually think I’ll be left behind
If I get the heck out of Dodge
It may be the first step in coming
To terms with where

I should actually be
I just want to be who I am
Don’t want you or anyone
To tell me differently

You don’t want to get to know me
So I’m alright with saying “goodbye”
And how should I say it?:   here’s mud in your eye









Knockin’ on the gates of space
And I don’t want to know this place just yet
I’ve changed my mind a million times
And each new start
Has opened some door
I was in the mood for more

Now the wilderness wonders
What have I really come for
I huff and I puff
And I whistle and wait
Shave and a haircut again and again
I guess I hope I’m not too late
Could it be that nobody’s home?
I don’t think so









Can’t have light of Sun without the darkness as a trade
Echoes of the sunlight;   I can hear those babies screamin’

To lie at night
is easy, right?
The moon will keep your secret tight

To face the Sun
Make water run
From your eyes
Just try and lie

Out of the shade
Your shadow – bright
Can hold a form, a shape, a size

A lie, a lie, I tell a lie
Each time I rise, a fresh disguise

Stars above, Earth below
Listen close – collective sigh







Like a gift horse in the mouth
I head south then I ask
The sun to shine on me

Like a twist of lemon in my mouth
I make a face
To face the music of the spheres

Smear the queer long gone and yet
The strangeness is strong and tangles the net






Camera with feelings
Camera with feelings
Video postcard – solar recharge
Ritard dor me vous

Camera with feelings
Camera with feelings
Seriously, what’s in it for me?
For freedom rings eternally

I turn a leaf

For to leave the change un-nerved
Camera with feelings
Smell the sound of the breeze
Wind is the music of the dancing trees
Heart bursting with brains

May we sing ourselves to seek
A place in our minds for a meekness
May we find the refrain
That casts a shadow
And then lasts all weak – ness
And fall, oh! Fall,
Fall on our hands and knees








Walk to the edge of the lake
and let it swallow you in
And when it spits you out
You’ll feel no doubts
that you’re back to normal

Did you fall asleep at the gate?
Did all the cows go home?
Should you follow, should you roam?
The tail unfurls
Just to swallow it’s own









Telephone pole – ancient crucifix
I sold my soul to you back in the day

Wooden clones
Marching in rows
You criss-crossed through pearly gates
Now be on your way

When you show
The sugar cane patch to the monkeys
Will they ever let it grow again?

If you let the toddler see you open the latch
Will it ever close again?









You came whipping out of the Jesus Center in reverse

As if from a call of duty

Under some kind of curse






I – I – I

in your

eye – eye – eye


My – my – my

in your

mind – mind – mind










Hoot, hoot

You are a hoot

Always out

In your suit

Of shadow












Ceremonial cleansing

Gonna push through this moon
Through the white hole
Into a clearer picture
Of how my soul likes to be

Soul pleasure
I’ll take with me
Across the threshold
Through beat one

Build a shrine from the deadwood
Collected as you dance around its base
Take it down the next day
And throw it in the compost

But instead of burning the effigy
Toss it onto a truck bed
Beeline to the recycling station








May we park here and walk it out?
Just a gentle glide that we might buy ourselves some time
To come to and talk it out
The way that only time can unwind tangled balls of twine

For you
I am available, reachable, beseech-able
– for you

Leave the car here let’s leave this kind
Juxtaposed inside you fear losing your life
Let mend all mind let fruit and leaves drop

Tell me what you want, what you really, truly, need
For you I am repairable, wearable, comparable – for you

This is just a gentle reminder
This is just a gentle reminder
This is just a gentle reminder




















Back off the beaten path
The last time that I hit the road
It turned the other cheek and left me no choice
He who knocked up the pregnant sky
Gave the promise of rain to fall
Was he who found me without coat nor dry face

Now I’m countin’ all the ways that I’ve paid for my stay
Countin’ all the crows baked in this pie
I’m changing all the leaves to colors unseen
I’m keepin’ all the kids happy and dry
I felt the blows of waves goodbye
Struck the chords that made them cry
All the hits unheard stacked high on the curb

Now I’m countin’ all the ways that I’ve paid for my stay
Countin’ all the crows baked in this pie
I’m changing all the leaves to colors unseen
I’m keepin’ all the kids happy and dry
Finding all the ways to feed
Two birds with one seed

Yeah, I felt the blows of your waves goodbye
But not before I strike your heart(harp?)strings and make you cry

I delt the punch of drums absurd
Kicked the habit — flipped the bird
Choked the gas and flooded streets with exhaust

Now I’m countin’ all the ways that I’ve paid for my stay
Countin’ all the crows baked in this pie
I’m changing all the leaves to colors unseen
I’m keepin’ all the kids happy and dry
Finding all the ways to feed
Two birds with one seed











Stray —
wandering hill and dale to your
Gate —
begging for bread and bed for it’s
Late —
As surely as wolves may bite they’ll turn around and sing under moonlight

No slave —
to any one or place
No way —
to compromise this state
No hate —
Nothing to give away, not Wine of violence nor Devil’s Bread
in the milky way,
Get you back on par
with your new belt of star

Make a State —
Meant for the kids, but who’s to
Say —
Who is not a child in her own
Way —
Pictures of olden days where nobody smiles coming back again
Today —
gold embers glow but they won’t
Stay —
Howling child grows and goes
Away —
Echoing wind strengthens – pivotal point at your face …




Bathe in the Milky Way
Get you back on par
With your new belt of star





Not willing to give
Away the things that weigh
So aweigh the anchor and stray
One who stays among friends
May never know the means to ammend
And make wrong into rite of passage

The open door of darkness
The eerie beckoning of light unseen
Some individual beam, a thread and I with my need…

Quilt of experience

and sometimes serious

Over time,  fumbling blind,  turning squares into seamless














It never was your space
Then you changed your name
And changed your face

Your place has always been out of town
Where who knows where and what goes down
All around you
Wild flowers grew

And I picked them and threw them at your feet
That’s when you gave me the eye – as if to say

That ain’t right
While I was looking for your other cheek

Now we sing together:
“It was never our space
We never had the time
The furniture never found its place
It just moved from side to side”
The width of the band
The breadth of this land
Measured by a concrete tape
Milestones placed teetering
Upwards to the sky

May crash and fall in the blink of an eye
The cat is blind
The blind is drawn

I drew an illustration to prove
The dotted lines run across the lawn
In a zig-zag like a drunk on the move
If the iron would just heat up
I’m sure this dress would smooth
And I sing
“It was never my space
I gave away my time
Gave into money
Got stuck in the sickening sweetness of honey
Like a bear with its snout in the barrel
When I should be in the wilderness…














If we went to church it would be
Right before we fall asleep
We awaken in the garden  – untouched, unkempt
Then we begin to remember – the screws turn
Head back where we left off

Beggin, just beggin’ our way back
Through the green gates
Was it the cherry tree, George?

Turn a blind third eye
Turn a blind third eye
Before that sacred hour
Relinquishes its power
Before our dreams come true
Let’s make our vows
This very moment
In this very hue

How it’s colored here
Like the wind that winds
— the mixing of our minds
Let no thought eclipse
The gentle sips
Of sweet honey in our hive
As in the work of bees,
What this buzzing needs
Is some action from our queen

I know a man who’s tired of fighting
Whose armor is weathered and poor
Is it whom who wants to know
The same who shows
And lays down his shield and swor’d

What was he fighting for?
If not this sacred hour
The ring of the steeple
Forget about all the people

What am I fighting for?
If this mess is a war
See me lay down my sword
And untangle the net
So the fish come again
And fill my very core

With molten mass
A tank full of gas,
Let me cook you something sweet

















Slow Children,
Slow Men

Slow down the
Time when  — you

Know your place like the
Back of your hand from the
Front of your mind to the
Back of your head


Peace out
In heat

All directions
All greedy

Tidal swing
Hanging low
Heavy shoulders  – from
Hammering hot crow
From the cold earth
Go slow for the cats come out at night and they’ll never understand about cars

Empty shapes we fit into
Into sizes we can relate to

We’re been watching from ditches – ‘neath streetlights
Exposed demons springin’ from the nightlife

Go slow for the cats come out at night and they’ll never understand about cars

Sacred ways
Something lost as something gained

Sacred ways
Something lost as something gained

Sacred ways
Something lost as something gained
Go slow for the cats come out at night and they’ll never understand about cars









I still walk in fear’s shadow
Still so fresh to leave, you know

I just told her late last week that she had to go

Let me lessen all the guessin’
Let me know the score
Let me settle in the nettle
Let me hope for more

Make me holler
Make me call her
Make me feel my way
Make me tend her on a bender
Lady Liberty

At the roots we shared our boots
Now we choose our shoes
Now we make the bed we lie in
Now we lie in our sleep

Wake me, brother, from my senses
Help me come to terms
Across the desert of our dreams
We count our chickens and burns

Unconscious since 1996                         –
Just trippin’ on 4-track tape cassettes
Six of one on mind, one half dozen million rhymes                          –
All tied to the tide’s grasp of my hide                           –
Tap on the bruises it’s the ego that cries                              –
Just don’t look into my eyes                              –
Hey wait a minute that doesn’t sound fun to hear                              –

I should probably sing  about my muscles instead of my tears, hmmm…
Well, there is one muscle…

My heart’s still in fear’s shadow
Still so fresh to leave, ya know
I just told her late last week
That I had to go…
I still walk in fear’s shadow
Still so fresh to leave, ya know
I just told her late last week
That I had to go,

I just left today

Get ready
Get ready
Get ready with confetti
Pick your Ro Sham Bo
Get your honey while its sunny
Golden rivers flow

Lose your crown and pass it round
Crowded losers frown
List your piss among the vinegar
Off the lost and found

Canceled my bars and canceled my reception                                    —
Extend my life by extending my perception                                       —
To include those around me — even those in the cracks                                     —
Between worlds I let them slip, so I pass over some slack                                    —
Pass me the box with the ancient inscription,                                      —

Like in the pyramid’s incryption                                     —
Will you take this long distance call?                                   —
The phones been ringing off the hook

Why erect structures that fall?

And when we peer amid the questions we raise:

Why is war?
Why is poor?

We find, lying, a sly paralyzer                                      —
With a sign anyone can see — at least for a buck                                —
After “good riddance” is written “good luck”


Why is there this war today
Why is all this war today
Why is there this war today
Poor the war away
























Courses keeping


Constant castles


Flowing to the sea


Propped up baby


Is that your family?


Someone is coming for you










Surface hurts us, surface hurts us
If we stay on the crust
We will surely burst us
From the festering thirst to share
What’s way down in there?

— declare

“My Zipper’s broken”
“My filter’s shot!”
Let it all out — Give what you’ve got
The dike is tired
The ocean swells are massive — it’s been on your mind

It’s your time to cry
These molten memories that anger your core
Make you a monster if they don’t go explore
Come a little closer to the person you know
The salt in your eyes will make them shine!
The sparkling ocean is waving to you




Mansion of bubbles
Did I mention my troubles?

Cause I meant to reach out to you
Obstaintion of cuddles
Has left me sensative
Though skin is thickening

And sand is quickening
Beneath a crab walk race
Can’t see it, but we know
There’s a line drawn for us






Split personalities in me all agree


Together we fall for the theories that keep this country guilt free
Waxen casts of ancestors — yellow puss-filled cavities



translate Stars and Bars in my mind and comes this dream:

Stars and Bars

And futuristic cars
The gas mileage hasn’t changed
The flow of funds
Is to the ones

Who won’t feel any shame
The reason I live
In this country
I want to know and feel
I want to drop

what I’m doing
And plunder and pillage
And steal
And F with the Man

His F’ed up plan
To send us all to Hell
I’ve read too much Ghandi
Though it was not much

And I believe the things I’ve learned
Though I’d ne’er hurt anyone
In fact, give them anything
I have this dream to tell…






Mama, wave your magic broom
And dust it away
Mama, show us the work the children may do
So the children may play








You make me feel like a raincloud


No, I can’t do you…


Powder Blue







I know a cat named Max
In fact, he’s in the room with me
he’s lookin’ at me like “you are a crazy fool”

Maybe that’s true
I know a lot of cats
sitting pretty and fat

My tire is changed,
And now it’s hanging from my eyes
Maybe it’s true, I am seeing things
I’m seeing through my disguise

And asking the mirror
For something clearer
Something dryer than
Watering I’s wondering why’s

Max asks why.

“What’s with your hat of fur?”
“Why are you always moving things around?”

(His full name is Maximum Meower)










Have I not listened to the rain on the water enough?
Has the message not sunk into my skull yet?

I have slowed down this much and still – I have yet to read the sign…
The storm sets in:  as an old friend
The wind:  it blows my name
The sleet and snow drive the message hard –  I go
And I hold myself to blame
For losing what we had

Blame myself for losing
What we had was a deal
That I let go drive down in the ditch
The deal was for me to stop my driving

And I would be rich
With blessings, rich with deep and sleepy sleeps
Rich with family
Rich with friends







I came to the conclusion
the world was getting flatter
So I sailed off the edge
Out where the whether you do or don’t is all so true

And there’s no matter
But I could hold myself there
Until you came along –the siren that sailed
off the edge, looking for me

You found me in distress
Toothless and doubly anxious for you to notice me
I saw you in this dress
The one you’re wearing tonight at the edge of the universe







I’m going to fill this cup and bring it to you
It’s only water, it’s only water
I’m going to fill this cup and I want nothing from you

But if you should choose to…

Yes, I know where there is water
Yes, I know where distant spring flows
Yes, I know that I may be pouring this cupful into the sand, the sand, the sand

No, I won’t ask you to take my hand, my hand, my hand
No, I won’t ask anything of you
Know that I would do most anything, anything

Know that I would do most anything, anything
But I know to trust in nothing
I will be wrong again
I will write this song again and again

My will is strong again
And again it’s for you that I do
Yes, I do have a wish that I let go softly
In stillness and darkness alone




If you feel as though you were blown
By winds unseen
Come home, sailor, come home
The storm will never cease
As long as you are sailing

You with the flashlight
moving through the crowd
Trading your amp in
for something smaller
You may have something to say yet

Break into the chapel
Here its too dark to film
Stacked up by the hand of glory
Pieces of darkness placed one by one






Dimebag didn’t break the Band
It was the guitar tech some say
— but he was the first to break
If you boost the mids pre
You gotta cut them post
And I for one have been cutting
A lot out after the fact



What happened was someone had a dream

To manufacture dinosaurs
And, upon waking
“For cheap, for everyone,” finally the dino-dealers declared
Long ago I heard myself say:
That’s not my rock to roll

Go ahead and push it on down the road
That’s not my rock to roll
I don’t want it anywhere near my home
But somehow I ended up owning one,
renting one, and borrowing another still
Even at the cost of going against will

At least one dinosaur for every man, woman and child
At least One dinosaur for every creature in the wild
Now these beasts have taken over the earth
What with their paths, what with their girth
And these beasts — they run hungry each way that they do
While I struggle to feed them
Haunted by echoes of:

That’s not my rock to roll
Go ahead and push it on down the road
That’s not my rock to roll
I don’t want it anywhere near my home




Consume 8

At a time, think you can?

Consume 8

–All the legs of an octopus at one sitting

Consume 8