2 Videos from Introducing

June 26, 2016

2 part video series to accompany INTRODUCING:  Karl Blau.  Produced by Cowboy Mustache.  Executive Producer, camera, some appearances by Royal Malloy.  Camera, editing, post production, and some acting by Dave Matthies.  Main supportive acting by Kyle Field.  Additional acting by Andrea Matthies.  Thank you to the Bill Walton Family for letting us film at your pad.

Part One – “Fallin’ Rain,”  song written by Link Wray ( buy the original song on iTunes here ).  In this visual, the man is overwhelmed and overcome suddenly by grief how people treat each other so shallowly as the violence that occurs each day.   He seeks solace in a trip to his local shaman friend who guides him through a process of looking deeper into his self through meditation.   Starring Kyle Field as shaman coffee drinker.

In Part Two the song “That’s How I Got To Memphis” ( written by Tom T. Hall ) takes this privileged dude on a journey to the town of Memphis, on the way he gives rides to hitchhikers until he himself becomes one after his Porsche breaks down.  En route the guy gives and receives token, ritualistic symbols from strangers transforming him from a materialistic person into an artistically materialistic person as he finally rolls into his destination town.